Old Wooden Fencepost

Prairie Anthem

Steve and his wife, Deb, were driving down some country roads one day and noticed how much charm and beauty there was in some of the old wooden fenceposts. They were put there years ago with a distinct purpose and it was clear that the purpose for some of them had changed. Some were severely weathered and leaning, some still had the wire fencing attached. As they caught the wind the fencepost and wire fencing began to randomly and helplessly move as if they were dancing. They were attached by rusty staples that were still strong enough to hold them together. Birds would find comfort while resting on them and that seemed to be their newfound purpose – providing a resting place.

Deb and I co-wrote this song. Through the use of allegory we substituted the fencepost for myself, the wire fencing for Deb, the wind represents life’s struggles, the rusty old staples represent our marriage vows we took 40+ years ago, our 3 adult children represent the weary winged bird as they visit and find comfort and some parental love. Our purpose, as is the case with most people, has changed over time, but the main thing is that as we age we still have purpose.

So, whether you hear this as a song about inanimate objects or the deeper allegorical meaning, I hope you enjoy it. I believe there is much beauty and purpose in old things and old people.
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